Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center Announces Availability Of ImmunoMax For Advanced Cancer Patients

Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center Announces Availability Of ImmunoMax For Advanced Cancer Patients

The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center, an institution committed to provide top immunotherapies to cancer patients, has recently announced ImmunoMax is available to patients with advanced cancer, including melanoma, that meet all the necesary inclusion criteria.

ImmunoMax is a pharmaceutical grade polysaccharide (from plant origin) that has proved its capacity to stimulate natural killer cells and has been on the Russian market for about 13 years to provide treatment for both bacterial and viral infections, and also proved to reduce PSA levels in patients with prostate cancer.

“It is well known that many cancer patients have suppressed natural killer cell activity as compared to healthy controls, studies have demonstrated that patients with low natural killer cell activity have a poorer prognosis as compared to patients with higher natural killer cell activity (3-5). Efficacy of numerous cancer therapies offered by oncologists such as Herceptin (6,7), Rituximab (8), and Cetuximab (9), has been shown to depend on activity of the patient’s natural killer cells.  It is conceivable that utilization of ImmunoMax by itself, or in combination with existing therapies may be of benefit to cancer patients,” explained Dr. Javier Lopez, Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center’s Chief Executive Officer.

The University of California Irvine, the Institute for Molecular Medicine, and the Gamaley Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Health worked together in a clinical research project which demonstrated that ImmunoMax, besides activating natural killer cells, also activates dendritic cells. Furthermore, it was shown that cancer growth and metastasis was successfully inhibited in mice models of aggressive breast cancer.

Julio Selva Pallares, Medical Director of the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center, added, “In an age where the promise of cancer immunotherapy has the medical community electrified with positive results from trials using checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T cells, it is important to remember that the innate immune system is critical both to initiation of antitumor immunity, as well as maintenance of the immune response and establishment of immunological memory. We are proud to begin offering, to patients that fit the criteria, access to ImmunoMax, which in our opinion is a highly promising immune stimulatory therapeutic.”

Dr. Ravshan Ataullakhanov, a professor of Immunology at the Institute of Immunology and Lomonosov Moscow State University, the ImmunoMax’s inventor, stated that after 13 years of using the technology as an immune stimulant in CIS countries and Russia, this new resolution will add a strong “weapon” to the already existent arsenal of the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center.

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